The Exhibition

Attico Arts Centre is a wonderful gallery to exhibit such a large number of works. We have 25 artists exhibiting. The artists exhibiting are

Amelie Genestine-Charlton, Greg Genestine-Charlton, Phil Goss, Lucie Beeston, Anna Ilsley, Jessica Jane Charleston, Mary Herbert, Daphne H.C. Shen, Sophie Cordery, Naomi Pratt, Pete Roberts, Stuart Brough, Cecilia Ricchi, Elizabeth Murton, Lizzie Cannon, Neil Packer, Alexis Deacon, Jo Waterhouse, Richard Cramp, Petor Georgallou, Chloe Edwards, Blanche Ellis, Lee Edwards, Alice MacDonald, Cecile Embleton.

The exhibition is open today (7/4/16) and tomorrow (8/4/16) 10am – 5pm.

Tonight we also have a free event and celebration from 6:30pm with bookbinding, Spoken Word and Piano performance. Please join us to celebrate this fantastic exhibition!



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